Beech View -- Wed, 23 Mar 2016 05:02:02 -0600

2014-12-18 The radio was fine. The problem was the fiber switch. Climbed the tower and installed the radio again. Attached to a different switch now. Link is up. It will take a little bit before the image catches up.

2014-12-17 Climbed the tower and removed the radio for benchtop debugging.

2014-12-04: There was a power glitch and it has taken out the link. The problem appears to be the radio on the upstream side at the farm.

2014-05-13: The camera has been replaced and is back online. Everything should be normal again.

2014-05-09: UPDATE: The camera stopped functioning during last night's storm. I pulled the camera and it is dead. I don't think it was directly lightning because nothing else was affected and the camera is only plugged into the local network and all other devices on the network were okay. Other networking to the hanger is still working as before. I plan on replacing the camera with another one.

2014-04-20: I have completely reworked the way this page is updated. It is now being processed by a lightweight ARM processor Raspbery Pi out at the hangar.

2013-10-24: Think we have the 900MHz link working again. However more changes are coming so expect some more construction in the next week.

There is a problem with the 900MHz link. We are working on it. Check the timestamp to see if the image is current.

Done. Will be climbing the tower Tuesday August 20th to work on it. At least that is the plan for now. In the meantime the link is sporadic. This is done now.

Have climbed the tower. Pulled the radio. Bill tested the radio on the bench. We determined that it was the cable. Fixed the cable. Installed the radio again back on the tower. Link is back up again. However it is struggling more than before. Sometimes the images are mangled making strange effects. The aiming of the antenna may be pointing off a little. The trees between may be too dense right now. This will definitely get better as autum takes the leaves off.

We are contemplating upgrading to yet different radio link hardware.